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Oklahoma woman charged with drunk driving and child endangerment

In Oklahoma, being arrested for driving while intoxicated can have a profound impact on a person's life. A DUI charge may mean automatic suspension of one's driver's license, and a conviction can have drastic and long-lasting personal repercussions. A person may even face serious consequences within one's family if accused of drunk driving.

Drunk driving problems not always easy to resolve

It is unlawful in Oklahoma and all other states to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content exceeding the legal limit. State laws governing penalties under conviction vary, as do consequences for refusing to submit to certain chemical tests or other requests from law enforcement officers. This does not mean, however, that every time a police officer accuses someone of drunk driving, he or she is convicted.

Estate planning includes choosing a reliable successor trustee

When people in Oklahoma set up trusts, it may be for a variety of reasons. They may wish to make sure educational funds are available for their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, or they may intend to ensure certain assets are protected from creditors. Whatever the purpose, the best way to make sure the goals of the trust are achieved is to appoint a trustworthy successor trustee. Choosing the best trustee is essential to successful estate planning.

Grandmother charged with drunk driving with a child in her car

In Oklahoma, law enforcement and the courts take DUI charges seriously. In fact, when people are charged with drunk driving, they risk having their licenses suspended for 30 days or more if convicted. A driver suspected of being intoxicated may face even harsher penalties if a child is in the car. One local woman was recently arrested under these circumstances.

3 Scary Oklahoma DUI Facts

When it comes to scary, things like clowns and spiders and creepy porcelain dolls are right up there are on the list of what makes people's skin crawl. But there are few things in life scarier than when something unexpected happens and it completely changes your world.

Wills and legal challenges: enlisting aid from a proven attorney

So, imagine you're an Oklahoma resident who has dutifully attended to what are conceivably all the relevant details relating to your estate plan. You have thought long and hard about things such as the passing along of property to heirs, lawful tax avoidance, gifting, the special needs of select family members, the utility of trusts and myriad other matters.

Oklahoma Supreme Court in DUI matter: follow the rules

Any Oklahoma resident who has experienced the harsh results that flow from a drunk driving conviction (even a charge absent a conviction, which can still yield an immediate suspension of a driver's license) knows intimately well just how stringent DUI-related penalties can be in the state.

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