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Comprehensive estate planning: experience counts

In the legal realm, some practice areas are relatively circumscribed and straightforward, with others being polar opposites of that depiction for their close connection with myriad and complex subject matter.

Where might estate planning and administration most logically fit on a sliding scale of simple-to-complex considerations?

At the Oklahoma City law firm of Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, where we promote the estate planning goals of a diverse clientele, we modestly submit that the practice area would be properly aligned at virtually every point of measurement.

As we note on a relevant page of our website, estate planning can be direct and uncomplicated in one instance, whereas in another case it can be "time-consuming and require meticulous attention from an experienced estate planning attorney."

Actually, the reason for that one-size-does-not-fit-all quality of estate planning is simple and can be quickly stated, to wit: Estate planning is intimately tied to the needs and aspirations of families, and every family is unique.

Thus, a proven attorney's focus in one instance might be on will execution and a benefactor's desired distribution of assets among heirs. In another case, a predominant concern might be with a family business and how it should be dealt with in the future. Trusts -- sometimes a single trust instrument, but at other times multiple vehicles focused upon different aims -- often are of central importance to estate planners. Gifting, charitable contributions, powers of attorney relating to financial and health care matters, tax-avoidance concerns -- all these and more can (and recurrently do) feature in estate plans in Oklahoma and elsewhere.

Derryberry & Naifeh deals with all these planning tangents, being uniformly focused at all times on implementing the objectives of clients in a manner that optimally promotes their best interests.

We welcome readers' questions and the opportunity to provide knowledgeable and well-considered legal representation that materially advances their goals and helps ensure lasting peace of mind.

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