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Estate planning documents can now be safely stored online

When an Oklahoma loved one dies, the surviving family members naturally face a difficult time. Along with making end-of-life arrangements, surviving family members typically have to establish where the deceased person stored important estate planning documents. While some leave clear directives for spouses or children about their end-of-life wishes, others may have had secret locations in which wills, testaments and other related documents were stored.

To make life easier for those left behind, Internet technology is now providing several websites on which such information can be stored. This does not only assist family members in locating vital information, but it also provides easy access to all personal information while the person is still alive. Each website is unique and offers different levels of subscription, and access is controlled with encrypted passwords. Privacy can be maintained because some subscriptions allow the account holder to offer different levels of access to different family members so that they can see only the information that concerns them.

Depending on the website, documents such as deeds, wills, insurance policies and more can be uploaded for safe storage. Also, to be prepared for the event of incapacitation, the account holder can include health directives and details of powers of attorney for financial and health decision-making. The names and contact details of legal, financial and other advisers can be included, along with seemingly insignificant information like the location of extra sets of keys.

Estate planning establishes how the deceased person's interests will be managed after his or her death or in the event of the individual becoming incapacitated. Careful crafting of an estate plan may be beneficial on many levels, and it can discourage disputes and litigation among family members. The complexities of drafting an estate plan that covers all aspects and eventualities may be best accomplished by an experienced Oklahoma estate planning attorney, who can afford each client the attention needed to understand his or her wishes and pursue the achievement of those goals. At the same time, valuable advice related to safe online storage of personal documents may form part of the attorney's advocacy.

Source:, "Great Sites for Organizing Estate-Planning Documents-Kiplinger", Sally Abrahms, Nov. 24, 2015

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