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Will digital wills become an estate planning standard?

As technology continues to advance at lightening speed, many in Oklahoma are surprised to learn of the unusual ways that these advancements can be applied to everyday needs. In regard to estate planning, technology now offers the ability to create digital wills, which are then stored online. This innovation could change the way that we think about estate planning documents, and could make a difficult time easier for many families.

Organization can improve estate administration efficiency

When an Oklahoma resident passes away, the individual(s) who are tasked with handling that person's estate will begin the process of putting his or her estate planning efforts into motion. This begins with amassing all of the person's assets and settling all debts. As with most financial matters, estate administration is best accomplished when a high level of organization is achieved.

Irrevocable trusts and second marriages: Tips for estate planning

Many Oklahoma residents are lucky enough to find a second chance for love after going through a divorce. This is truly a reason for celebration, as sharing one's life with a committed partner is often essential to both health and happiness. When looking at estate planning needs, however, there are certain protections that individuals should consider when they are married for a second or subsequent time. Irrevocable trusts are an estate planning tool that appeals to many spouses, and can provide a layer of security for loved ones.

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