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Estate administration: Choosing the right executor

Drafting a will is an important part of estate planning, and one that many in Oklahoma have taken. In order to ensure that one's will is carried out according to his or her wishes, however, it is also important to select the best possible executor. The role of executor is one of the most important aspects of estate administration, and one that many people fail to give the proper consideration.

The executor is responsible for filing the will with the proper court, which opens the probate process. He or she is also tasked with ensuring that the designated assets get to the designated heirs. This will require a high degree of attention and effort, which is why it is so important to choose the right person for the job.

Individuals should think carefully about their options. An executor must above all else be trustworthy, but it is also important that he or she be able and willing to get the job done. Choosing an individual who is already overburdened with family or career obligations is a poor decision, as that person may have insufficient time or energy to attend to the duties of executor.

In some cases, there is no one that is able and willing to complete estate administration for these tasks, and Oklahoma residents search for a professional to fill the role of executor. Some banks have a trust department and can handle this need. Others choose an estate planning attorney to act in the role of executor, and they find peace of mind in knowing that these duties will be handled by someone with plenty of experience.

Source:, "Experience and training make the difference in estate planning", Aug. 9, 2015

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