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Do you need a health care power of attorney?

If you do not believe you need a health care power of attorney, you might want to reconsider your opinion. Indeed, no matter how old an Oklahoma resident is, he or she could suddenly become incapacitated without a moment's notice. A serious heart attack, stroke, motor vehicle accident or some other kind of health event could render an otherwise healthy person completely incapable of making decisions for himself or herself. In such instances, a health care power of attorney is vital. 

A health care power of attorney is a way for a responsible Oklahoma resident to prepare for the unexpected. By completing this document, the designated caretaker will have the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf -- decisions that could be vital to your continued health and well-being. If no health care power of attorney exists, it could create a difficult situation and be time-consuming for relatives to apply for the necessary court order that allows them to make decisions for you.

The health care power of attorney will also help families avoid the problem of two relatives disagreeing over health care decisions if you are incapacitated. The power of attorney will designate one person whom the estate planner trusts to make the best decisions. This will ensure that no long-drawn-out arguments or legal battles are spurred in such an event.

Hopefully, the benefits of having a health care power of attorney are exceedingly clear for the average Oklahoma resident. By having one on file, you can ensure that your designated caretaker will be able to make vital health decisions for you at a moment's notice. You will also limit the chance that family disagreements and/or court battles could ensue in the event that your family cannot come to a decision about how they will make decisions in your best interest if you are incapacitated.

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