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Estate planning often prevents later battles between heirs

Many people enjoy following the latest news from Hollywood. Oklahoma residents are no different than those across the nation who keep tabs on the latest and greatest television or movie stars. One might not, however, consider Hollywood the place to turn for financial advice. Perhaps surprisingly, one  assistant vice president for an investment management company published a recent article which stated that a person can learn about the value of proper estate planning by analyzing the mistakes made by several celebrities.

The importance of having a living will

Oklahoma residents might benefit from gaining a better understanding about the importance having a living will as part of their overall estate planning. It has been suggested that adults as young as 18 ought to consider investing time in establishing such a document. A living will sets forth the maker's wishes concerning medical care and treatment should he or she be incapacitated and thus unable to make them when needed.

Will the terms of a handwritten will be enforced?

Many Oklahoma residents who wish to prepare their own wills do not have access to computers or printers. They may elect to write out their wills by hand instead. Those without a legal background may have questions about whether such a will is enforceable in probate court.

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