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Accident in Oklahoma leads to drunk driving arrest

When a car accident looks suspicious, authorities may start to think that impairment was a possible factor. Of course, law enforcement officers need probable cause before they can arrest a person for drunk driving. Nonetheless, individuals could easily wind up in this type of situation, and they may need help when it comes to dealing with criminal charges.

One person in Oklahoma may be considering legal defense options after recently being taken into custody. The report provided only few details on the incident, but apparently, a driver left the roadway, and in a photo from the scene, it appears that the incident occurred across from a gas station. The report did state that the car came to a stop against a gas meter.

Long-term care planning can be vital part of estate planning

Because a detrimental health-related event could happen to anyone at any time, it is important to have a plan in place. Some Oklahoma residents may think that they will not face any serious issue for some time, but an injury-causing accident or severe illness could lead to complications or even incapacitation. Due to these possibilities, it may prove useful to consider estate planning options relating to long-term care.

If individuals do not leave their care instructions for loved ones, they can place those family members in difficult positions. Spouses or children may need to make serious decisions, and feelings of uncertainty may remain prominent if they do not know what the individuals' wishes were. Approximately 50 percent of people over the age of 60 have created an advance directive, but their family members may remain unaware of their wishes.

Drunk driving charges leveled against injured Oklahoma driver

When dealing with accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol, a case can seem overwhelming. Though charges for drunk driving are not uncommon, each case is different. Rather than feeling out of hope, individuals may wish to remember that information on their legal options is available.

One man in Oklahoma recently found himself in such a predicament. Reportedly, the man was driving when his vehicle collided with another. However, the man purportedly continued traveling before his vehicle crashed into a ditch and caught fire. Authorities came to the scene when an officer noticed the smoke from the car fire. The officer then extracted the man from the vehicle.

DUI court: a helpful alternative for DUI charges

People make mistakes all the time, and in some instances, those mistakes result in strong consequences. This is particularly true in cases where people face DUI charges

Thankfully, in some situations, there are alternatives, such as DUI court. For those encountering DUI charges, it may be helpful to be aware of a few factors. 

Estate planning: Trusts could help protect assets

Though Oklahoma residents may spend their lives working for success and accumulating assets, they likely understand that they cannot take their wealth with them when they die. As a result, individuals typically choose to leave funds and other assets to their loved ones or charities. Of course, when it comes to estate planning and bequeathing assets to family and friends, simply leaving them large sums of money could prove problematic.

Though a sudden influx of money can act as a blessing, individuals could also find themselves at risk of losing those funds. If parties face lawsuits, get divorce or face other circumstances, the money they inherited could wind up divided or awarded to another person. As a result, a loved one may end up worse off than before.

Disputes, taxation may cause estate planning worries in Oklahoma

Deciding how assets should be addressed after one's death can be difficult. There are many factors that Oklahoma residents want to take into consideration while estate planning, and it is not unusual for individuals to face similar concerns despite their vastly different circumstances. In fact, the possibility of disputes between family members and taxes top many estate planners' concerns.

At a recent gathering of estate planning professionals, a survey was conducted of 109 individuals in regard to planning concerns. Of those parties, 44 percent indicated that family issues would act as the biggest contributing factor of planning stress. Results of the survey also indicated that 53 percent of the professionals noticed that their clients had a more difficult time dealing with guardianship appointments and naming beneficiaries than with other estate planning documents.

Outdated, unspecific plan may make estate planning less effective

Most people want to avoid situations in which they personally make their loved one's lives more difficult. When it comes to death, some people may think that because they are gone, they will have no considerable impact on their families' lives one way or another. However, that is not the case. Surviving family members have numerous tasks to attend to, and if a deceased person did not properly complete the estate planning process before his or her demise, complications could arise.

There are many common issues that could make an estate plan less effective than hoped. This means that even if Oklahoma residents did create a plan, their families could still face problems due to mistakes. For instance, a major mistake relates to creating a plan and then never updating it. With outdated information, estate plans can prove contradictory or otherwise create an atmosphere for conflict.

Oklahoma man accused of drunk driving after officers receive tip

Making the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is something that numerous people go through. Often, this type of incident results in parties facing charges for drunk driving. The penalties for such an allegation can range in severity, depending on various factors relating to a specific arrest, but in any case, an individual has the right to defend against charges.

One man in Oklahoma was recently taken into custody for allegedly driving under the influence. Reports stated that authorities were contacted after a person apparently suspected that a drunk driver was leaving a restaurant. Authorities noticed the man's car, and after he purportedly pulled into the middle of an intersection while the light was red, an officer attempted to pull the man over. However, the man reportedly kept traveling but was eventually stopped.

Your future is at stake with DUI on your record

When you drink and drive, you risk danger to yourself and to others. However, the decision to get behind the wheel after enjoying a few adult beverages has consequences you probably have not considered.

If you are arrested for driving under the influence and subsequently convicted, the DUI on your record can have a wide-ranging, detrimental effect on your future.

Probate and administration deal with estates but differ

Legal proceedings of any kind can seem daunting. There are reasons why individuals devote their lives to learning the laws revolving around a particular legal area, and one of those reasons is that the law is complicated. The details of a single situation may determine what type of legal proceeding is most appropriate, and without the right knowledge, many Oklahoma residents may not know how to proceed. In particular, some parties may not know the difference between estate probate and administration.

After the death of a loved one, his or her estate and final affairs need addressing. Many people take advantage of estate planning options before their deaths, and if details regarding their final wishes are left behind in a will, probate proceedings will need to take place. A will often names an executor to handle the tasks involved in settling the remaining affairs, and that individual or entity can follow the instructions left behind, which typically supersede state law.

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