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Issues put probate administration on hold for Manson estate

When questions exist regarding who should handle an estate, many complications can arise. Probate administration must be put on hold until the questions and complications are handled, and that can take a considerable amount of time in some cases. Oklahoma residents may be interested in this type of issue currently taking place in regard to Charles Manson's estate.

Reports stated that at least three people are vying for control of the estate, and two possible wills are causing complications as well. A Manson memorabilia collector who became pen pals with the convicted serial killer claims to have a will written in 2002 that names him as executor and beneficiary of the estate. However, another man, who is reportedly Manson's grandson, does not believe that will is valid due to questions regarding its creation.

Tax law changes may impact Oklahoma estate planning

It is not unusual for taxes to be a subject that causes many Oklahoma residents and others across the country to grumble. Paying taxes is hardly considered a desirable action by most individuals, but it is an action that must be carried out nonetheless. When it comes to estate planning, paying attention to tax implications may prove useful.

With the recent tax changes that have been approved by Congress, wealthy individuals in particular may wish to determine how these modifications could impact their estate plans. These individuals may need to pay close attention because the changes increase the tax exemption to $10 million, so while parties with less wealthy estates may avoid certain tax complications, those with considerable fortunes may not. However, they can still take actions to help address possible taxation.

How can a DUI charge affect my job?

If you are dealing with a DUI charge in Oklahoma City, the last thing that might cross your mind is its effects on your career. You may believe the charge is not an actual conviction and you have nothing to worry about because your employer will never find out about it. However, it is possible for your employer to learn about your situation even if you do not tell them.

A DUI charge can be almost as damaging to your job as a conviction. Take some time to learn about the consequences a DUI charge can have on your job. 

Estate planning may help Oklahoma residents start the new year

Many people treat the beginning of a new year as a time for change and reflection. Numerous Oklahoma residents may have made resolutions to better themselves or their lives in some way. For many individuals, estate planning or updating existing plans may be worth considering as they move into a new era of their lives.

Estate plans can have a variety of benefits, and those benefits can begin before a person's death. For instance, parties could indicate who they would like to have in charge in the event of incapacitation or when in need of other health care or financial assistance. Having this information in place could give many individuals peace of mind in knowing that a trusted person will have control of important life aspects.

Man charged with drunk driving after collision in driveway

People often make mistakes throughout their lives. In some instances, those mistakes may have few consequences, and in other cases, the outcomes could prove detrimental. In situations that allegedly involve drunk driving, individuals could find themselves facing the possibility of serious charges, punishments and life-changing outcomes. Even allegations of DUI could have lasting effects.

One man in Oklahoma is certainly hoping to avoid such negative outcomes after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man was purportedly behind the wheel of a vehicle when he collided with another vehicle in a residential driveway. The family who lived at the residence were outside when the incident occurred, but they did not suffer injuries. The man allegedly left the driveway and began traveling along the road after the collision.

Oklahoma residents may wonder about their estate planning needs

When Oklahoma residents decide to get their end-of-life affairs in order, they should feel a sense of accomplishment. Just choosing to move forward with estate planning is a significant step, and actually creating a plan can have many benefits. Of course, in order to create an extensive estate plan, some individuals may need more documents than they realized.

Certainly, a will can act as a main planning tool. However, it does not have to be the only planning option used. If individuals wish to avoid probate, they may want to consider using revocable or irrevocable trusts. These accounts can hold assets outside the estate and contain specific terms for distribution and use. There are a variety of trusts that could have different uses, depending on a person's specific needs.

Probate administration does not have to seem impossible

After the death of a family member, it is not unusual for Oklahoma residents to have questions regarding how they should address the decedent's remaining assets. In many cases, those assets will need to go through probate administration in order to ensure that the correct parties receive the appropriate assets and to make sure that any creditors and debts are paid as applicable. Of course, many people may find the idea of probate confusing.

If a person dies with probate assets -- or assets without direct beneficiaries -- those assets will need to go through appropriate legal proceedings. Hopefully, the deceased individual will have created an estate plan that includes a will, indicating how he or she wanted the assets distributed. If so, the probate process will ensure that the document is valid and then work to follow the wishes laid out in its terms.

Probate administration concerns may lead to litigation

Most people want the best for their loved ones. After a family member passes, many Oklahoma residents want to continue to do right by that person by ensuring that the remaining estate is well looked after. However, some parties may take issue with certain probate administration actions carried out by trustees or personal representatives, and as a result, conflict could arise.

A brother and sister in another state are currently facing such issues in relation to their deceased brother's estate. Apparently, the decedent owned 11.6 acres in property, and before his death, he designated in his will that he wished for that acreage to be preserved. The man apparently put his attorney and other individuals in charge of administering the estate. Though steps have been taken to work toward preserving the land, the man's surviving siblings have other issues.

Supreme Court finds proposed Oklahoma DUI law unconstitutional

Anyone who has or is currently facing a DUI charge understands the severity of such a charge. A DUI can have a major impact upon an individual's life.

A new DUI law that was set to go into place in November of 2017 would increase that impact. However, the Supreme Court found it to be unconstitutional. This ruling leaves parties on both sides of the argument with concerns.

Drunk driving and related charges follow deadly accident

When young people are involved in motor vehicle accidents, they may live the rest of their lives with the scars, both physical and emotional. The lessons and warnings they may have received as they learned to drive are brought home in the most painful way. When these accidents involve charges of drunk driving, a young person may face a very uncertain future.

One Oklahoma 18-year-old is in such a situation following a tragic accident in the early morning hours of a recent Wednesday. The girl was driving a vehicle with three passengers when she lost control of the vehicle, and it struck a curb. The impact sent the car rolling, and as it rolled, two passengers, a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old, were ejected and thrown onto the highway.

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