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Adult children may need to talk to parents about estate planning

As many Oklahoma children grew into adults, they may have taken on many responsibilities. However, they may not have realized that it may be their responsibility to get their parents to begin estate planning. They may have thought that their parents would begin planning on their own, but if they do not, kids may have to take charge.

It may seem intimidating, or some adult children may not think it is their place to have such discussions with their parents. However, they may face greater regret if an emergency or fatal situation arises and those children are left feeling lost as to what to do. They may also want to remember that every decision does not have to be made in one sitting. Simply bringing up the topic for a single conversation is a good starting point as long as follow up comes later.

Oklahoma man charged with drunk driving, child endangerment

The effects of an alcohol problem can be frightening. Individuals may put themselves and their loved ones in danger due to the control an alcohol abuse problem can have over their lives. Unfortunately, serious accidents and criminal charges can result from drunk driving, and parties may need important information to get the help they need.

One man in Oklahoma will undoubtedly be assessing his situation after recently being involved in a serious crash. Witnesses reportedly told police that the man was driving erratically through a parking lot before striking a curb. The vehicle flipped multiple times before coming to a rest on its top in a concrete ditch. Another person allegedly told police that the driver had also struck a fence and almost hit a child before the accident occurred.

What you need to know about breath tests for DUI

Although there may be a stereotype of the kind of person who drives while intoxicated, DUI can happen to anyone. Therefore, it is best to be prepared in case you ever find yourself in this situation.

If the police pull you over, they may ask you to take a roadside breath test. Should you comply?

Estate planning misconceptions shouldn't delay planning

Misconceptions can often keep Oklahoma residents from taking certain actions. In particular, many people may believe that they should put off estate planning because they do not need it or are not ready to get their affairs in order. However, anyone of adult age could benefit from having an estate plan, and clearing up other misconceptions may help.

As mentioned, estate planning can benefit any adult. The process is not just for immensely wealthy individuals. If people have children, recently opened retirement accounts or have a source of income, having an estate plan can be beneficial. It is an unfortunate reality that anyone could suffer incapacitating or fatal injuries or illness at any age. Having a plan in place, just in case, can prove helpful to loved ones.

Listing assets and debts may help when beginning estate planning

Everyone's life has many aspects to it. Because of the numerous factors and details that make up a person's life, it can seem difficult to get affairs in order for end-of-life wishes. If Oklahoma residents are thinking about starting the estate planning process, they may want to consider taking certain steps to help get the process going.

One of the biggest parts of creating an estate plan involves deciding how to bequeath assets. Of course, in order to distribute assets, individuals need to know what property they actually have. It can be helpful to make a list of valuable assets -- typically those worth $1,500 or more -- around the home, and any other physical assets, like vacation homes or rental property. Parties may also want to remember to include funds in bank accounts as well as insurance policies.

Fatal crash leads to accusations of drunk driving in Oklahoma

Someone getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is a common occurrence. In some cases, drivers may be able to make it home safely and do not feel as if they operated a vehicle while impaired. However, not everyone is so lucky, and charges for drunk driving could result from serious car accidents.

It was recently reported that one man was taken into custody in Oklahoma for DUI after a fatal crash. Apparently, three men were inside a vehicle owned by their employer when they were involved in an accident. Details on the incident were not given in the report, but at least one fatality occurred. The man driving the vehicle had allegedly left the scene before authorities arrived. A supervisor for the men talked with authorities after the incident and located the driver at their hotel.

Estate planning can be useful for addressing future health care

It can be difficult to know what anyone's future could hold. As a result, some Oklahoma residents may simply avoid thinking about it. However, not planning ahead for common or probable situations -- especially those relating to health care -- could leave parties and their families in difficult predicaments. Fortunately, individuals could use estate planning to address possible health-related events.

The two most commonly used documents relating to future care planning are the living will and the durable power of attorney for health care. Some individuals may choose to utilize one or both of these documents as part of their estate plans. It is important to note that a living will differs from a standard will in that the living will indicates how a person wants medical professionals to act in the event of an incapacitating or potentially terminal scenario and other health care related aspects.

Probate administration involves many facets and tasks

Closing an estate in Oklahoma means that a deceased person's final affairs will need to go through legal proceedings. Probate administration is a common process, but it can involve a number of tasks for the executor to handle. Hopefully, the executor willingly took on the role and prepared ahead of time, and one way of doing that is to understand some of the duties that will need carrying out.

Soon after the person's demise, it is important to have all relevant legal documents together. In a best case scenario, the decedent told the executor where information regarding funeral arrangements, the will and other estate planning documents could be found. If the executor does not have this information, finding it can prove tricky, and important tasks will likely face delays.

Did the car left on the tracks belong to a drunk driver?

In a way, it was funny. Recently, people in downtown Oklahoma City noticed a white sedan parked at a jaunty angle on top of the streetcar tracks that are currently under construction.

The driver was nowhere to be seen and the car remained in the middle of the construction zone for hours. Was alcohol a factor?

Driver accused of drunk driving after crash onto Capitol lawn

Many people may find themselves shaking their heads at situations they have ended up in. While they may have some sense of disbelief that the event actually took place, if criminal charges for drunk driving result, they will certainly feel as if they have gotten a reality check. Because charges for DUI are serious and could come with severe consequences if a conviction takes place, it is important that parties understand their defense options.

One way in which individuals could gain reliable information is to explore their local legal resources. One person in Oklahoma City may choose to take such action after a vehicle failed to remain on the road. Reports stated that the vehicle left the roadway, drove over a curb and traveled through the grass on the grounds of the state Capitol. 

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