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Man may face formal drunk driving charges after crash

Car crashes often lead to serious injuries. While this is certainly an unfortunate outcome, some parties may also have to deal with other serious results, like criminal charges for drunk driving. If authorities suspect that alcohol played a role in a crash, the accused driver could quickly need information on his or her legal options.

One man in Oklahoma may be looking for the best route to follow after a recent crash. Reports stated that the 42-year-old was driving a vehicle south when he failed to stay in the correct lane. As a result, his vehicle collided head-on with an SUV that was heading north. There were two individuals inside both vehicles at the time of the incident.

Expired breath testing devices and the outcome of DUI cases

A breath testing device, used for those suspected of driving under the influence, contains a solution that establishes accurate blood alcohol readings.

The required solution has an expiration date, which can become an issue as illustrated by a 2016 incident in Philadelphia.

Probate includes naming the executor and protecting assets

Going through the experience of losing a loved one is difficult. The grief can feel overwhelming, but for many Oklahoma residents, they will have to put their grief aside for a time as they work to close the decedent's estate. This duty falls to the executor who sees the estate through the probate process.

The person who acts as executor could come about in two ways. The deceased may have named an executor in his or her will, or if no will existed, the court will appoint a personal representative. In either case, the candidate can refuse to take on the role. If he or she accepts, the court will grant that person the authority to act on behalf of the estate in order to settle final affairs.

Drunk driving charge leveled against motorcyclist after crash

There are many ways that a person could choose to handle criminal charges. The route chosen often depends on the person accused, the exact charges and the options available. Some individuals may opt for plea bargains if possible, and others may want to fight against allegations as best as they can. When it comes to drunk driving charges, each person faces a unique predicament.

One man in Oklahoma will soon be looking into his legal options after his recent arrest. Reports stated that the man was driving a motorcycle when he was involved in a crash. His vehicle was reportedly the only one involved, and when authorities came to the scene, they found the man unconscious in the road. However, he regained consciousness and purportedly told police that he had been drinking alcohol before the incident.

Can I lose my professional license for a DUI?

If your profession requires you to hold a license, you may be concerned about the various factors that can impact your license or licensing and prevent you from practicing. Driving under the influence, or DUI, is one factor that can have a negative effect on your professional license.

Depending on your profession and its particular regulations for licensure, a DUI may result in the loss of your license and the subsequent inability to practice your profession, which can be financially and professionally devastating. That is why it is important to understand how a DUI may impact your license and the ways you can avoid this scenario or mitigate the negative consequences of it.

Estate planning tools can relay wishes not included in a will

The information a person chooses to leave in an estate plan may be minimal or immensely thorough. For those Oklahoma residents who want to make all of their wishes known, there are a number of estate planning tools that can help them do so. Plus, it may make sense to utilize these options to provide information not found in a will.

Many people may have ideas about what types of arrangements they want for their funerals. However, this is not information to leave in a will. The will typically does not get reviewed until after the funeral takes place, which could result in the wishes going unknown until it was too late. Fortunately, parties can create a letter of instruction to be kept separate from the will that can provide this information as well as any other details that may be needed before the reading of the will.

Estate planning may prevent placing caretaker burden on children

The way Oklahoma residents utilize their estate plans can have a major impact on their families. In particular, estate planning can help address how long-term care should be handled in the event that a parent becomes unable to care for him or herself. Without a plan in place, it is becoming more likely that individuals who are nearing or have reached retirement age may end up having to care for an ailing parent.

A recent report revealed various statistics in relation to adult children caring for their parents. Apparently, 17 percent of adult children will end up in a caretaker position for their parents during the course of their lives. Additionally, 10 percent of individuals aged 60 to 69 will have to take on this responsibility, and another 12 percent of parties 70 or older will also have to provide needed care.

Strong defense may help woman facing drunk driving charge

Many people who face charges for driving under the influence may think that they have no way of obtaining a good outcome from the situation. However, a court must convict a person for drunk driving, and in order to do so, evidence must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the driver is guilty of the crime. Fortunately, individuals can work to prevent such an outcome by creating and presenting a criminal defense.

One woman in Oklahoma may find it in her best interests to consider her defense options. Reports stated that she was allegedly driving a vehicle when she drove onto Highway 75, traveling south in the northbound lanes. A semi-truck driver attempted to get out of the way, but the truck hit the car, causing the car to collide with a cable barrier. Another vehicle then hit the woman's disabled car.

Trusts offer various benefits for estate planning

It is important for Oklahoma residents to have their affairs in order before their deaths. If they do not, their surviving family members may end up facing many difficulties as they work to close the estate. Fortunately, estate planning can be immensely useful, and individuals may want to consider trusts as a planning tool.

A living trust can have many uses. For instance, if parties have young children to whom they would like to leave assets, a trust can act as a safeguard for those assets. Minors and individuals with substance abuse problems may not have the financial responsibility to handle an influx of money, and a trust can set up terms that dictate when the funds can be obtained and how they can be used. The trustee would be in charge of handling the distribution of the funds.

Multi-car crash leads to drunk driving charge

When a person faces multiple criminal charges for the same offense, it may signify that the individual is suffering from a problem. For instance, multiple charges for drunk driving could point to an alcohol abuse problem. Someone in this type of situation could easily end up facing jail time if convicted of charges, though a rehabilitation program may be better suited to the situation.

One man in Oklahoma may be in need of such assistance after a recent crash. Reports stated that the man received his second DUI charge of the year after being involved in a multi-car crash. The previous charge occurred in January and was for aggravated DUI. In regard to this recent incident, authorities stated that the man appeared unsteady and had slurred speech, and they also apparently found empty beer cans in his vehicle.

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