Government Relations And Administrative Law

Experienced And Respected Counselors And Trial Lawyers

The lawyers of Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP, are ideally qualified to represent individuals, businesses and corporate clients who must interface with governmental agencies. We bring a diversified wealth of relevant experience to the table as we advocate on behalf of individuals, nonprofit groups, teachers' and professors' organizations, university students, insurance companies and health care providers before administrative agencies.

We represent clients throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

Representing Clients From Diverse Industries And Professions

Derryberry & Naifeh, LLP's activities involving government relations and administrative agencies include the following:

  • We advocate on behalf of individuals versus government in personal injury cases.
  • We represent businesses in obtaining liquor licenses and defending alleged violations.
  • We represent faculty and staff at universities and colleges in matters such as retirement funding, contract disputes and disciplinary matters.
  • We counsel and represent students entangled in disciplinary disputes at colleges and universities.
  • We represent clients in appeals of administrative agency rulings.
  • We represent insurance companies in insurance regulatory matters involving the Oklahoma State Insurance Department. We enjoy a great professional relationship with this agency, as attorney Stephen L. McCaleb is a former assistant general counsel for the agency.
  • We represent associations and companies that are being challenged by the state for various issues or practices that the state considers inadequate or inappropriate.
  • We resolve conflicts involving administrative agencies and health care professionals and providers.

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