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Man faces drunk driving charges after colliding with patrol car

Being involved in a traffic accident with a police officer is not a good thing. A driver who collides with a patrol car may face even more trouble if he or she is suspected of drunk driving. Such an incident occurred recently just after midnight on an Oklahoma street. One man is now in jail facing charges of drunk driving and more.

Bill adds penalties for drunk driving and those who serve alcohol

Oklahoma lawmakers continue to seek ways to reduce the number of injuries and deaths on the road. More specifically, they are working to draft legislation for harsher penalties for drunk driving offenses. One such bill that passed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is now on the docket in the Senate extends its penalties well beyond the driver of the vehicle. The bill is named for two women who died in drunk driving accidents.

Woman accused of bribing officer during drunk driving arrest

One of the attractions of consuming alcohol is that it often allows one to relax and forget about the day. Unfortunately, that is also one of the serious drawbacks of imbibing. The day after people have been drinking, they often regret the things they said or did the night before. A critical regret for many is drunk driving. One Oklahoma woman may have experienced some remorse for her behavior after her recent arrest for DUI.

DUI arrests for women on the rise

Driving under the influence is a serious problem in the United States. The FBI found that the number of men arrested for DUI dropped by 16.8 percent in the years from 2003 to 2012. The number of women arrested for DUI during the same period increased by 20.9 percent. Men do make up the majority of impaired drivers, but women's arrests are on the rise.

Drunk driving suspect faces weapons charge

Oklahoma police are usually on the alert when they pull a driver over for DUI. With any traffic stop, police are never certain what may transpire or what danger they may face. This may be especially true in the case of drunk driving because alcohol may make a driver less inhibited or more confrontational. One Texas driver recently discovered this when he encountered police after witnesses reported him for driving under the influence.

Were your breath test results inaccurate?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, chances are very good that you were given a breath test to measure your blood alcohol content indirectly. In many cases, this is the only test given, although it is supposed to be confirmed by a larger unit at the police station after your arrest. Officers have the option to ask for blood or urine as well, but many do not. As a result, there is very often little confirmation of the breath test's accuracy, and that can lead to innocent drivers being accused of DUI.

Drunk driving arrests in Oklahoma now tracked by police

Oklahoma is serious about enforcing DUI laws. To enhance public safety, Oklahoma has enacted hundreds of new drunk driving laws over the past years to make it more difficult for those convicted of impaired driving to repeat their offense. The most recent change involves the tracking of previously convicted drunk drivers and their drinking habits.

What happens when you get charged with a DUI?

If a law enforcement officer in Oklahoma stops you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, there is a good chance that you will face a DUI. If you have never been charged with a DUI, it can be helpful to know what to expect should you get pulled over on the way home from a bar, restaurant or sporting event.

Man arrested for drunk driving doing donuts in gravel lot

Alcohol affects everyone in different ways. After a few drinks, the emotions and behaviors of those at a party or in a bar may be radically different from one another. One common result of drinking is that it impairs driving. Drunk driving is often easy for trained police officers to spot. One man accused of driving under the influence may have made himself a little too easy to notice.

Students filming drunk driving promo narrowly miss being hit

One of the most common ways to combat intoxicated driving is through educational programs. Governmental agencies and special advocacy groups have invested millions of dollars in campaigns to alert people to the dangers of drunk driving. One pair of college students who were creating a DUI project for Oklahoma police experienced first-hand the risks involved when an alleged drunk driver approached.

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